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At South Coast Home Care, we deliver a range of high-quality services. Our bespoke packages include full-time live-in care, hourly care, respite care, and emergency care. We are therefore able to provide person centred care for short term requirements such as rehabilitation, and longer periods for long term conditions. Our Chichester based, family run organisation, takes pride in offering ‘one to one’ care to a variety of service users in our local community. We are familiar with the area, and supported by a fantastic team of senior carers who share our passion for delivering excellent person-centred care.

Hourly care

We provide a visit-based care service, in which community carers come to assist you in your home, at a time which suits you. This service is person centred and is tailored to your individual needs. We understand that these needs may change over time, so our care team work alongside our own care specialist to ensure that you are receiving the support that you need. Hourly care is a fantastic way for you to maintain independence in your own home, and to be supported with dignity.

Live in/24 hour care

Our full-time live-in care service supports you to live at home, when you may otherwise be unable to. With 24-hour person centred care on hand at all times to provide the care you need. Members of our experienced team will take shifts in rotation, so you will always have a familiar face around to help you. This service will provide you with a bespoke package, as advised by our care specialist. Our carers will then deliver this care plan as recommended, although this plan is flexible and will extend for any unforeseen circumstances. Full-time live-in care allows you to live at home safely, with peace of mind that someone is always around to help you.

Respite care

Our respite care plans are flexible, short term packages, which are recommended when your circumstances are changing. Many individuals are supported at home by their family. When these usual carers are unavailable either through illness, or when on a well-earned holiday, our carers come in to support you in their absence. This service may also be suitable for individuals who have recently been discharged from hospital after a long stay, or routine surgery. If you anticipate needing extra support at home to maintain your independence during recovery, our respite care service may offer the care you need.

Emergency care

When an individual’s circumstances change more rapidly, it is not always possible to plan a respite package. Following an accident, or a sudden deterioration in health, our emergency care service is equipped to support at short notice. This package still provides a person-centred approach, but does not require the levels of consultation and planning of our other services. Where necessary, this emergency care service may extend to hourly or live in care, providing a long-term solution.