Respite care means taking a break from caring, or giving the person who normally supports you a break. The person who needs care still needs support however, and can be cared for in their own home by our team. This may be because the usual carer is away, unwell, or just needing a break. Our respite care services are very versatile, and can be delivered on a visit basis, or through 24-hour care. Some respite services provide care in a day centre or a residential home, while our carers support service users to remain at home. Our respite care plans are flexible, short term packages to provide relief on a temporary basis.

Our respite care services are flexible and person centred. The carer supplied by South Coast Home Care will learn your normal routine, where medicines are stored, and get to know the service user. This reduces anxiety around a potentially altered routine, and encourages the individual to feel safe. Being able to stay in their own home further promotes this, and the service user is not stressed or inconvenienced by transportation and a strange environment. We offer a variety of temporary packages, from three days to four weeks. This can also provide a useful opportunity to explore the available local services, to begin planning for alternative care solutions in the future. Understanding the options and planning for an event where your situation deteriorates, or an emergency occurs, can be a valuable experience and reduce anxiety around uncertainties.

Respite provides an important break for unpaid carers (i.e. friends or family) to take some time to rest and recuperate. We understand that caring for a loved one can be intense, and it is important to take a break to avoid burning out or even becoming resentful. Our respite services therefore provide relief for these carers, which is good for maintaining a healthy relationship between them and the person they care for.

This service may also be suitable for individuals who have recently been discharged from hospital after a long stay, or routine surgery. Our experienced carers can support you through your rehabilitation in your own home, until you feel able to cope on your own again. If you anticipate needing extra support at home to maintain your independence during a recovery period, our respite care service may offer the care you need.

Respite care may also be required at times when you, or the person you usually care for, needs specialist care that you’re unable to provide. This might include they might need short-term nursing care, or an increased level of personal care that you are either unable, or would feel uncomfortable to deliver. This often occurs following an illness or operation, or may be recommended to prevent admission to hospital by managing a condition.