As well as the 24 hour care, We provide the live in service Which allows your carer to move into your home for a period of time and work a day of night shift, but to always be there provides security and reassurance and will be able to respond to any medical emergencies, falls etc while in the property.

If you or a loved one wish to remain living at home, but require access to constant care, our 24-hour care service may be for you. At South Coast Home Care, we support individuals to continue living in their own home when they would be unable to live alone. Members of our experienced team will take shifts in rotation, so you will always have a familiar face around to help you. This service will provide you with a bespoke package, as advised by our care specialist.

We provide our 24-Hour Care service on a long term, contracted basis. This allows service users to get to know our friendly team, which helps them to relax and feel confident with the care that they are receiving. Our staff are outstandingly compassionate, and committed to upholding care standards as outlined by the Care Quality Commission. This includes providing our service users with the information to make an informed choice, as well as an awareness of an individual’s right to decline care. Our care team are there to support individuals through their daily lives, and empower them to live independently.

Our full-time live-in care service supports you to live at home, when you may otherwise be unable to, with 24-hour person centred care on hand at all times to support you with whatever you need. Our carers will deliver a care plan as recommended by our care specialist, while this plan is flexible and open to alterations, to account for changing circumstances. By communicating with the individual and their loved ones throughout care, about changing needs and preferences, our carers are able to provide a person-centred approach. Full-time live-in care allows you to live at home safely, with peace of mind that someone is always around to help you.

The care is delivered by our team comes in various forms, and is always suited to the specific needs of the service user. This may include:

Assistance to dress

  • Assistance into bed.
  • Prompting medications.
  • Assistance with personal care, washing, and personal hygiene.
  • Help with domestic tasks such as laundry, washing up, and hovering.
  • Assistance with meals.
  • Assistance with transfers.

If you think that you, or someone you care for, may benefit from our 24-hour care service, we offer a free, no obligation conversation with our own care specialist. The care specialist is on hand to assess the unique circumstances of every individual initially, and monitor any changes throughout their care. This includes performing risk assessments, which ensure that care can be delivered to you safely and effectively in your home. Our care team will always uphold the rights, dignity, and wishes of everyone in our care.

If you would like to find out more about our 24- hour live-in care service, contact us today.